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Monday, February 4, 2013

Who's right?...or left?

Ecc 10:2  A wise man's heart inclines him to the right, but a fool's heart to the left.
I've heard said that "God doesn't have a political side", which may sound correct to the "modern" man who views God as someone/something impersonal and not involved in our personal lives.  Or to the person who believes God is so All-Loving and All-Benevolent that He'd never judge anyone, so everyone will go to heaven regardless... However, the God of the Bible is revealed as One Who does get involved in the everyday lives of those who love Him.  Throughout the Scriptures you can easily see where He interjected Himself because His people turned their backs on Him.  You may say, "Well that was because of their 'religion' and not their politics".  However, you must keep in mind that their politics and religion and daily life are all closely intertwined.  One affects the other to such a degree that it's difficult make a distinctions between them.

When His people turned to other countries for help (politics), God was angry because they left Him out (religion) and depended upon something/someone else (politics or false religion).  His people were constantly told..."don't turn to"...thus and thus nation for help (politics).  When they failed to listen, they paid the price (political and spiritual/religion).

We see through history that when a nation follows the God of the Bible, they tend to lean to the right in their thinking.  Their political/social/personal views tend toward the right.  There is a clear understanding of what's right and what's wrong...what you can and cannot do.  When an individual does something they know is wrong, there's a sense of shame, not only within the heart of the person, but also "towards" that person from everyone around them.  There is a respect for other people, and for life in general. 

When a nation begins to turn away from the God of the Bible, the people begin their turn toward the left.  Other gods are created in their minds in order to fill the void and make them feel "accepted".  These gods would never send "anyone to hell" or "punish" them for doing wrong.  They are benevolent gods who never "judge" and only "affirm".  And you know what...they are right!  Their god would never do any of the negative things to anyone...because their god doesn't exist.  Their morals begin to change now that their gods accept anything they do.  There's no more worry about "shame" or "judgment", therefore the distinctions between right and wrong begin to blur in their minds.  The further they slide toward the left...the further they move from Jehovah...the more they begin to trust in something else, like government. 

Those of us who are a little "older" have seen all of this right before our eyes.  It all came about so gradually that we really didn't notice at first the changes that were happening...the changes WE were making in the mentality and morality of this nation.  We began that slide away from God...We started that "snow ball" down the hill.  Many of us have "seen the light" though, and are trying now to turn the tide.  We are trying to return to our "first principles".  However, unless we return to the God of the Bible, any effort we make is doomed to fail, because He is the Giver of all the Rights and Freedoms we originally enjoyed.  Without Jehovah as our moral compass and spiritual goal, then any step forward we make, will actually be two steps back.  If God isn't the Giver of all those things we seek...then Man is.  And if Man is the giver, then Man will also be the taker.   The word "unalienable" (inalienable) as found in our Declaration of Independence means "incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred".  This only holds meaning to us if we recognize that Rights and Freedoms are given to us by God, not by man, because if God has given, man cannot take away.  However, if man gave...

God does have a political viewpoint.  Read your Bible daily and He will reveal what is "right". (Pun intended)